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NHFA at the Pour House - Raleigh, NC  (9-3-2022)
by Dr. Brookenstein

This was a magical night as I got to witness the power of NHFA 2.0 (The Reboot). I got a chance to hang out with Zack and the members of the new NHFA band before the show at the Pour House.


The band:


#9 - fearless leader, lead vocals, bass

Mangus DC - lead guitar

Ralph Djoure - bass

Helena - backing vocals

Lorry - backing vocals, percussion

Martel McCloud - drums

Jick Winslow - keys

At 8:50pm, the rest of the Pour House patrons witnessed the power of the NHFA 2.0, as they released a powerful funky force on the club.  This band hipped the people to the FUNK with the Funkadelic classic Cosmic Slop, featuring the #9 singing about Space People, Universal Love before getting into the verses and chorus of the song.  The solid bass line by Ralph Djoure was nice, but the highlight was the fiery lead guitar slaying by none other than (drumroll please) the great Mangus DC!!  

Then #9 took the People into Prince territory, with "Days of Wild"...I love the lively sax solo during this song, the cosmic keyboardisms by Jick Winslow and the meaty bassisms by #9 and Ralph.  The song featured a little bit of Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" and Yarbrough and Peoples' "Don't Stop The Music".

Then it was on the newest song by NHFA, the funky "United We Stand"...a song with a powerful message about unity. Following that was a throwback to the old NHFA with "Fly on the Wall"....a song that made the fans rock back and forth with da funk! This segued into 'Funkentelechy"...yes, this is a band that was born out of the P-Funk camp (maybe not literally, but spiritually).  After sending out nasty funk vibes out of this Funkentelechy, it was time for another NHFA throwback, "Funk Infection".

FUNK INFECTION??? YES!  NC needed a shot of this funky keep the blahs (aka the Sir Nose syndrome) away!  So the patrons gladly rolled up their sleeves to get this needle.  During the administration, Jick gave up some nasty, spaced out synthesizer riffs and #9 boosted the doses with some slap-bass soloing!  

"Tear the Roof Off the Sucka" was great, as everyone was singing along with the band.  "Dirty Vamp" was the perfect rocking funk ending to NHFA's set, with the pyrotechnic lead guitar riffing of Mangus DC (hot enough to melt the speakers in this club.  And the cherry on the top was the funky drum breakdown performed by Martel (who is a Philly native like me).

The NHFA finished their funky assault on the Pour House at 9:35pm.

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