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It all started with an invitation to play at George Clinton's birthday party on July 22, 1998. The brain child of Zack "#9" Roberson, this Funky group of young men and women began this amazing trip together on the stage of the Lion's Den, in the East Village of New York City and we are still Funking it up today!! The band was born on Long Island & Queens. NY. The free styling New York City Hippie scene allowed the creativity of  The Nappy Head Funk Army to showcase their talent and just plain rip it up! Having a direct Mothership Connection, it's so cool to interact and draw great crowds with our electric energy at all of our shows and drop our own style of Funk music! 


The NHFA music is live, in-yo-Face FUNK, with an emphasis on the sounds we all grew up with.. Such as James Brown, Bootsy Collins, George Cinton, Bernie Worrell, (P-FUNK), Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sly & the Family Stone, Mother's Finest, Betty Davis, Nona Hendrix, Chaka Khan, Marcus Miller, Led Zeppelin, Edgar Winter, Chicago, Kool and the Gang, Dumpstaphunk, and all of the Mothers and Fathers of  FUNK...The NHFA made the front page... NYC Village Voice Review (Nappyhead is a direct seed of George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and the P-Funk Allstars; it's like they were waiting in the weeds to grow after P-Funk sowed the seeds...)


As The NHFA embarks on this new FUNK Journey, our Funk Family is pumped up and primed to deliver the best live shows ever, spreading Peace, Love, and Harmony to the world like Bob Marley. We are a group of dedicated men and women that are ready to serve the Universal Law of Love through our unique style of Funk Music and change the world! 





Beast Mode (True Funk Soldier)
United We Stand

Click on any of the following tracks to listen:

Funk & Soul Crab Fest - Lothian, MD

Spiritual Purpose
Funk Army Mash

"The Funk Army Mash" at Da Funky Phish -

Bay Shore, NY

What Came First: The Funkin' or the Egg?
00:00 / 01:01


Opened for:

  • Living Colour 

  • Jen Durkin-Bomb Squad 

  • Little Buster Soul Stirrers 

  • The Clones of Funk (DC)

  • Fun-Kin (NJ)


  • Heart Foundation

  • NYC Foundation For the Homeless

  • NYU Foundation for 911 Fallen Heroes

  • New Jersey Coalition for Women and Children

Headlined at:

  • Funk 'N' Soul Crab Fest 2021

  • Harry Chapman Theater 

  • Amsterdam Avenue Street Festival of Harlem NY.

  • Long Island Brewery Festival

  • East End Music Festival 

  • Hempstead Community Music Festival

  • Queens Day Festival

  • Brooklyn Academy of The Arts Festival

  • East Hampton Summer Music Live

  • Plainfield Music Festival

  • Da Funky Phish

  • The Lion's Den

  • The Elbow Room 

  • The Wetlands

  • CBGB's

  • LaBar Bat 98.7 Kiss Radio Show 


Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.

Internet TV and Radio Outlets

(Weekly Rotation of NHFA Music)


P Funk Radio, (18,000 world wide weekly listeners)

Gangstaville Radio (127 countries) 

Get On The Funk Bus Radio (15,000 weekly listeners) 

Donny D's Soul Sunday Radio (10,000 weekly listeners)

Funk From The Front Seat ("9" on the Grind TV) (podcast)

Alexandra's Music Cafe (South Africa)


Special Appearances by: Zack Roberson #9

Reese & Kmak Sports Shop Talk Radio  

Donny D's Soul Sunday Radio



  • Zack "#9" Roberson:  lead vocals

  • Eric "Pearl" Wilson:  keyboards, backing vocals

  • William "Prez" Bush:  keyboards

  • Kevin "The Technician" Harrington: drums

  • Ainsley Taylor: drums

  • Gabe Gonzalez: drums

  • John Purvis: guitar

  • John "Groovalicious" Willis:  guitar

  • Andre "The Flash" Lassalle:  guitar

  • Carlton "The General" Collier:  bass

  • Mark Bass:  bass

  • Eric Jay:  vocals, percussion

  • Tony Camm:  vocals  [ALUMNUS]

  • Jacqui Camm: vocals [ALUMNUS]

  • Tanya Thillet:  lead and backing vocals

  • Pat D'Auria: vocals

  • David "Dr. Brookenstein" Brooks: web design specialist

The musicians that make up this Colorful Psychedelic Interactive Futuristic Funk Throwback unit are all accomplished veteran musicians from New York City.


Booking & Management

HJ Entertainment Consultants, LLC
(816) 945-0288

Music Production

Otis Hawk, Management Consultant
(240) 222-2122

KN Jamz Entertainment
(484) 426-1158  

Social Media 
David Brooks, Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator
Public Relations

Ken Frank, Public Relations Consultant
(845) 583-4329  

HJ Entertainment Consultants, LLC
(816) 945-0288

Oak City Music Collective

Zack Roberson
(919) 519-4874

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